April 24, 2020

Dear MPG Brokers:

As part of MPG’s commitment to continue growing our Private Client Services offerings to our brokers, we are pleased to announce the newest addition to our portfolio; United States Liability Group, also known as USLI. USLI is a Berkshire Hathaway Company that is A++ Rated by A.M. Best. USLI’s products are available In all states, except LA and WV. Below is a summary of USLI’s offerings now available through MPG:

Primary Personal Umbrella

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage offered in each state ($25,00 included on each quote)
  • Offers up to $5M Preferred accounts (admitted or non-admitted)
  • Will consider writing in the name of a Trust, Estate, LLC

CPL and Excess CPL

  • Can write in the name of an Individual, Trust, Limited Partnership, Family Partnership, LLC or Estate – will consider Corporations
  • Will write short-term rentals
  • Primary limits up to $1M – Excess CPL limits up to $5M for most risks

Excess Umbrella

  • Follow form coverage
  • Limits up to $5M on most risks

Condo Unit Owners & Tenants

  • Can consider Trusts, Estates, Limited Partnerships, Family Partnerships, Individuals and LLCs
  • Will write short-term rentals including monthly weekly and nightly short term rentals on a homesharing site like Airbnb, vrbo, homeaway.

1-4 Family Dwelling Package

  • Can write in the name of an Individual, Trusts, Limited Partnerships, Family Partnerships, Estates or LLCs
  • DP-1 (Basic) and DP-3 (Special) forms available.
    • Must be 90 years old or newer with updates to qualify for Special Form

Home Based Business

  • Must work out of primary residence
  • Will provide off premises liability, most homeowners endorsements exclude off premises liability
  • Blanket AI available for most classes

Excess Personal Auto Liability

  • Provides increase limits to match umbrella attachment point
  • Up to 1ml limit available

USLI’s supplemental applications have been loaded into MPG’s website: https://www.maritimepg.com/resources/forms-applications/private-client-services-forms-applications/, however, we can also accept ACORDs in most instances. Submissions should be sent to PCSapps@maritimepg.com.

Feel free to contact Brian Botwinick, bbotwinick@maritimepg.com, or Tim Boyle, tboyle@maritimepg.com, for additional information.

Best regards,

Damon Pesce |VP Business Development
Maritime Program Group, a subsidiary of One80 Intermediaries
E:   dpesce@maritimepg.com
A:   70 Essex Road, Westbrook, CT 06498
P:   860.399.3658 | C:  860.575.8933
W:  www.maritimepg.com
W:  www.one80intermediaries.com



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