Vault has rolled out a very comprehensive admitted product in NJ, PA, MD, VA and other states. Vault also has non-admitted paper available when needed. So far our experience with Vault shows they are extremely aggressive and they are looking to grow!

Here are some bullet points for the Mid Atlantic Admitted and E&S offering:

  • Minimum coverage A replacement cost is $1M. If multiple homes are insured only one is required to be $1 M or greater.
  • No elevation certificates are required.
  • Coastal primary & secondary homes will be considered, even on the barrier islands.
  • Monoline primary & secondary homes including long-term & short- term RTO locations (Airbnb & VRBO).
  • No hurricane deductibles are required from VA up to ME! These are optional. Vault can provide different deductible options upon request.
  • Vault’s E&S contract is identical to admitted contract and they use the same claims adjusters and risk consultants.
  • Quoting is easy – Send MPG an ACORDs, dec pages, MPG’s Quote Sheet or even email write ups. Submissions should be sent to
  • Vault’s risk consulting will review current appraisals to consider reevaluating homes replacement costs. In most cases inspections can be waived so not to disturb the client and to avoid incurring inspections fees.
  • Monoline homes will be considered, even if other locations and lines are with another carrier.
  • Vault and MPG will handle taxes and filings.
  • Policies are direct bill to the client.
  • Coverage available for collections, liability, excess liability, property & auto.
  • MPG’s team of High Net Worth Personal Lines experts are standing by, willing to assist you and your clients any time you have questions.

Feel free to reach out to Brian Botwinick, or to Tim Boyle, with questions.

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